Full Team with Steel Rod attachment, Red and Black - 6 players no goalie


**Unfortunately we're temporarily OUT OF STOCK of the Red and Black GOALIES for this team set so we will include an extra player in lieue of the goalie, so 6 players in all for the same price giving you an extra man on the bench until our next production run of goaltenders in this colour combination.**

Or, if you just want 5 players send us a note and we'll create a discount code for the difference (5 players, no goalie for $16.66)

Full team consists of five players plus one goalie.
This includes: 4 players with a longer blade (55 mm blade)
                        1 player with a shorter blade (45 mm blade)

Player Mechanism Compatibility: PLAYER MECHANISM C
Compatible with most Gamecraft, Halex, and Sportcraft tables.

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