Guess What's Back, Yellow and Black! April 20 2017

Full Team Yellow and Black Steel Rod Players have arrived and in stock, just in time for the playoffs.............Finally!  With both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Boston Bruins in the playoffs, you can now represent your favorite yellow and black team on your rod hockey table. Thanks for everyone's patience, and of course your continual support. Enjoy the playoffs and may the best team win!  

STATS/MD Sports Compatible Full Teams Available March 07 2017

Do you have STATS or MD Sports rod hockey tables?

Well if you do, check out our replacement players available in store today! After receiving numerous emails asking about them we managed to get our hands on these players, finally STATS and MD Sports table owners can get back in the game. We have standard colors Blue and Black, also in Red and Black. These players are not sold individually due to their various stick blade lengths, thus they are only sold as a complete team. 

We're back in stock on Steel Rod players! November 09 2016

Thank the Hockey Gods, we are back in stock on steel rod players. In addition to the original two colours (blue/black and red/black), we have added three new colours for you to mix it up on game night. We are also back in stock on nets and pucks, with an improved shape with a deeper concave for a little more action on the puck. Thanks for all of your support while we got this sorted out!

Steel rod attachment players...soon...very soon... March 17 2015

Its taken a bit longer than expected, but they are almost here. If you want us to add you to the notification list to email you when they are ready for ordering, please send us a request at, and we will make sure to update you right away.

Out of stock on "steel attachment" players...for now... December 16 2014

We are currently producing more steel rod attachment players, in a variety of colors, and will have them in stock shortly. Please check back soon, or send us an email at, and we will email you when our inventory arrives.

In stock now! New team colors! July 25 2014

Our new inventory has arrived, and we have been hard at work today getting them shot and up on the site. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and called for your patience while we got things sorted out! Soon we will have complete tables up, and remember, we are still looking for leagues to sponsor. Got one? We want to hear from you!

In stock soon! July 22 2014

Yeah, we know June 25th was a month ago. Believe us, we knooooooow! We are happy to say that our new inventory is en route, and not only are we going to be back in stock with our existing players, goalies and mechanisms, but we have a couple of new colors (Chicago, New York, LA) and even blanks for those of you that want to customize your teams. We are pretty excited about getting back in stock and helping everyone get playing again, so to thank you for your patience, we are going to launch the new inventory with some special deals. Check back here soon! Like, REALLY soon.

Custom hand painted teams by John Sandora January 23 2014

Thanks to John Sandora for sending us some of his custom hand painted teams. Each team can take up to 20 hours to complete! So while the rest of us are trying to imagine what an Original Six matchup might look like in our basement, John is living the dream!

This poses an interesting question: if you could have any custom painted team, what team would it be? For us it would have to be The Pylons from that old Mark Messier Lays Chips commercial!

Out of stock, but not out of the game! January 10 2014

Sooooo, the Leafs goalies start to become human again, and the Rod Hockey Shop has a run on blue goalies that leave us out of stock for the time being? Coincidence? Is Randy Carlyle searching for more defensive answers by setting up rod hockey puck possession sessions after practice?

RC: Phil! How come you and Bozie can't make passes like that during an actual game?

PK: Good one, Randy. Good one.

We will have both styles of blue goalies back in stock soon, so please check back with us in a few weeks.

Check us out on Facebook! December 13 2013

Our new Facebook page is up and running, and we'd love for you to have a look. If you photos of your custom table or players, even if you decided to paint a set of players in those dreadful Phoenix Coyotes original jerseys, we would love to see them. Post them on our Facebook page or send them to us through the Contact Us page. And while you're on the Facebook page, there is an integrated link to the store...just in case you're having second thoughts about recreating those Coyotes jerseys.

Got a league going? Want to start one? October 09 2013

Do you belong to a league? Are you interested in starting a league? The Rod Hockey Shop is interested in partnering and sponsoring existing leagues and to help start up new ones. C'mon, even the NHL started with 6 teams. So, go find 5 buddies and give us a shout! Send us an email at, and we’ll help you get your new empire off the ground. Or keep your existing one from turning into the next “Whatever happened to…” conversation.